During Easter we all went to Sydney and partied, partied, partied. Great times had by all.


Arrival at the Hyatt

Breakfast. How exciting

Water, its a mans drink

What has Brian got install for
Denise tonight? You can
already see that look in his eye.

Here we go. Where are Brians hands

Some pro's

Some more pro's. Only joking girls

Would you feel safe a a table
with these girls? Poor Adam

Party time at the 'Dome'

Denise picking her nose. How

The ugly members of the AAF wearing masks

Another ugly A.A.F. member

Denise and Adam and Stefanie
at an unsavoury club

The gang. Well most of them


Note, Denise made me promise to say that she wasn't really picking her nose. She was just touching it she says. But does the camera ever lie?