History of the A.A.F.


Denise Brunette, President of the A.A.F.

   Before 1997 Denise Brunette worked as a lecturer at Monash University in the Computer Science department. In July 1997 Denise was diagnosed with chronic flatulance. Denise continued to lecture despite her affliction but found the constant jocularity during her lectures made teaching impossible. Denise resigned in October 1997 after all efforts to treat her flatulence failed. During 1998 after a period of severe depression she realised the problem was not hers, rather it was societies prejudice against flatulence that was the root of her problem. She began an organisation, called 'Australians against Flatuphobia' with its aim to remove all the stigma associated with flatulence. Initially she found it hard finding recruits but after her maiden speech at the Melbourne City Square she won over a core group of members who became the linchpin of her organisation. Her charisma and good looks won over many more recruits until by the start of 1999 she had over 12 members. With young, talented and motivated recruits in her organisation the A.A.F. is finally being recognised in Australia. In March 1999 Flatulence awareness Week was declared with people showing support by wearing black shoes. The response was huge, with millions of Australians taking part.

Denise busy, busy, busy

Denise doing up her shoelaces.