A.A.F.  General Meetings


A.A.F. Meetings are held on the Tuesday of each week at the Montrose Town Hall at 7.00PM.  Members only please.

23rd July 2000


After being interviewed by someone at flashnews (www.flashnews.com) Denise has made numerous radio interviews. One interview was in Sydney and the other one was was in New York. Interest in the AAF has increased with up to 50 people a day looking at our website. Denise gives a description of what the interviews were like.


16th July 2000


Even though the AAF is concerned with reducing the stigma associated with flatulence, we had a discussion about effective remedies to chronic flatulence. Most people agree that Barocca is by far the most effective in reducing chronic flatulence but has the disadvantage in that it contains a lot of aluminium. Aluminium is thought to be factor that causes the onset of Parkinsons disease. Less effective, though healthier is charcoal tablets. It is said that Elm leaf is also used for flatulence reduction, though no one has tried it out.


9th July 2000


Brian is getting annoyed at the lack of progress the AAF is making in promoting the AAF's message of anti flatuphobia . He is considering radical ideas such as disrupting events where lack of noise is required eg tennis matches. After some debate we agree that such actions will only embarrass and denegrate the AAF and people who suffer from chronic flatulence.


2nd July 2000


Martin has found a job as gardener at a deafness school. He is relieved that he is working at place where his condition doesn't matter.


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