Information on A.A.F. Membership


About the A.A.F.
Australians Against Flatuphobia is an organisation that is against flatuphobia. Our organisation does everything in its power to promote anti flatuphobia and new members are expected to carry out thi s aim with zeal. Ask yourself this question. If you were in a library and a stranger broke wind and this stranger was being ridiculed what would you do? Would you join in the humiliation or would you stand up for this person. If your answer is the latter then we welcome you to the A.A.F.

Denise Brunette

Denise Brunette A.A.F. President

What the A.A.F. can do for you
When you become a new member you will receive a free, tasteful, A.A.F. T Shirt. You will also receive the email and phone num ber list of A.A.F. members so if you want to discuss flatuphobia issues you can email any member any time. Many members also contribute to a newsletter which is emailed to all members each week. Most importantly we give people who suffer from flatuphobia hope and encouragement.


A.A.F. Responsibilities
Members should attend the meeting at the Montrose Town Hall each week (Tuesday 7.00PM). Without face to face contact most organisations tend to stagnate so become a member only if you intend to attend the A.A.F. meeting each week. You are also expected to promote anti flatuphobia. We are not an apathetic organisation and hope that members become active. Note that we can understand that talk of flatulence can be embarrassing and we allow time for new memb ers to adjust to talking openly about the subject.